VON Dynamics

Von Dynamics provides an optimization approach to the Drilling and coil tubing motor Dynamometer market.

With Cutting edge best in class technology we are the next generation of Motor Dyno.

Utilizing larger pumps than competitors, we aren’t limited by GPM that our competitors see. We also have the ability to provide raw data, making the process of identifying potential weakness much easier with Real Time charting and graphics.

While other Dyno systems simple flow test tools we simulate Weight on Bit to apply real world drilling conditions to your motors to make sure your results are consistent to what you see downhole.

If you need a power curve or a full duration test we want to be your team to keep the most quality product flowing to your location. We aren’t running a Dyno we are running a full on optimization process to allow for better decisions at the rig site that ultimately improves performance and saves valuable AFE dollars.

Von Dynamics also can provide torqueing services, third party inspections, and collar breaks at our Conroe facility.

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Von Dynamics