VON Directional Services

VON Directional provides both equipment and personnel to enable oil and gas exploration companies to achieve their maximum drilling performance safely, while controlling costs. We will operate in the primary shale plays found in the lower 48 states. In these areas, our team will use sophisticated MWD tools, high performance drilling motors, extensive well planning and a strict outline of drilling parameters to reach a specific target and to maximize pay zones.

First class technology and people are essential to getting your job done right - the first time. VON’s differentiators in the marketplace are our experienced people and advanced technology. Our HDS-1L MWD tool is far superior to any other MWD tool available in today’s market. This tool was developed exclusively for Schlumberger’s use in its own directional drilling service companies and through valuable strategic relationships, we are able to own the very best MWD tools available, combined with the best motors and people. Using Big Three technology, with the small company philosophy of personal relationships and direct management oversight, is a value added bonus on each and every job.

Our Quality Assurance facility is located in Conroe, Texas, and this is where all of our tools are maintained and our fleet managed. All tools are dispatched from this facility to our jobs or regional stocking facilities. Those facilities are strategically located throughout the North American shale plays: Odessa, Texas; Williston, North Dakota; El Reno, Oklahoma, and Wellsburg, Pennsylvania.

Our strengths and capabilities set us apart in the marketplace.

High-Efficiency MWD Services

HDS-1L : Fixed-collar directional service

The HDS-1L fixed collar directional service uses positive-pulse telemetry to provide transmission of real-time continuous inclination and azimuth data.


  • Operation in standard nonmagnetic drill collars
  • Deployment with or without gamma ray sensor
  • Vibration sensor for detection for potentially harmful drilling dynamics
  • Full-system test capability for rig-time savings
  • Modules replaceable at wellsite and interchangeable between collar sizes
  • Long battery life
  • Telemetry and data transmission parameters programmable with tool downhole.

Other Technologies Offered:

  • RSS
  • LWD
  • At-bit gamma
  • Inclination at-bit

For more information on these offerings, contact the Von Directional Sales team.