About VON

VON’s strategy is to enter the current market while activity is down and to stay lean and focused. This strategy is designed to provide the best personal and state-of-the-art tooling and equipment, with the ability to react quickly. Our team is aligned with our customers’ goals, driving excellent results while delivering value to all stakeholders.

Our Country, Our Flag

Those who want to understand more about VON Energy, our people and our philosophy, can learn a lot from our logo and its patriotic symbolism.

The American flag’s stars and stripes are a dominant feature, showing the high respect we have for our country, its heritage and values. The other major image is of a pump jack, showing how intertwined our industry is with our country.

We take pride that many of our team members are military veterans who have served our country with honor. We support our veterans because our country would not be what it is without our military.

It is an honor to work in the country we love and the “red, white and blue” proudly flies over our facilities at VON Energy.

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